Shoreham Whiskey Glass

As a continuation of our quest to create the ultimate whiskey glass, Simon Pearce designers collaborated with Whistle Pig distillers to make a weighty, curved glass that would heighten the experience — especially that of Whistle Pig’s American-style rye.

Named for the town where Whistle Pig’s 500-acre farm and distillery is located, the Shoreham is a thoughtful collaboration between us Vermonters, and the perfect reason to slow down and enjoy every sip.

As fellow Vermonters with a passion for craft, Simon Pearce’s handcrafted glass is inspired by nature and designed to make the most of every moment, while Whistle Pig is committed to making the world’s finest and most interesting rye whiskeys using local resources and artisan traditions. Together, we’re working to heighten the experience of sipping whiskey: one of life’s simple pleasures.


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