Bougie Women Vanity Tray, Nuevo Tiff

Made with the finest grade of solid thick acrylic and bevelled and polished to perfection, our Vanity Trays are a perfect Medium Size for every possible use, allowing you to mix and match to make your own customized set of nesting or stacked trays. It’s fun to do and the varieties are endless. These trays are great for many different things, including serving your guests appetizers and drinks, organizing an office, or even just to add color to a room. They are available in many patterns and colors and are a great way to add sophisticated fun and color to your home. These have become one of Nicolette Mayer’s most popular items since its launch because they make adding fun color to your home so easy and versatile.

Acrylic is a flammable material, so don’t use near any kind of flame or cigarette. Made in USA.


Floral Decoration