Vintner Flute

From the finest cuvée to easygoing prosecco and even mimosas, raise a glass to this handmade flute. Designed with the help of a few of Simon’s favorite Napa Valley winemakers and sommeliers, this collection appeals to experienced wine tasters and lovers of handblown glass alike. The pulled-stem technique results in a thinner, more lightweight bowl designed to appeal to the palate of those who truly love wine.

The perfectly tapered bowl captures the wine’s aromas, with a thinness that lends a balanced hand. The re-engineered foot and seamless pulled stem are a pleasure to hold and swirl while tasting – and to admire the appearance of the wine, from its color to its sparkle. The visible ripple lines from the glassblowing process offers grace and authenticity you won’t find in a factory-made wine glass. This item can hold up to 10 oz.


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